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2023-2024 School Year Payroll Calendar

23-24 Payroll BOCES dates.pdf

23-24 Payroll for Personnel.pdf

Employee Assistance Program

Member Login- Educators' EAP | ESI Employee Assistance Group

For more information, visit the Human Resource webpage.

Nassau County RAVE App

To register your phone with the Nassau County RAVE app. Please complete the google form below. Using the RAVE app on a personal phone is optional & not required.

RAVE App Registration Google Form

Hicksville User Service Portal

Welcome to the Hicksville User Service Portal. Here, you will be able to initiate a password reset for your primary password which allows access to Windows, Google, OptiGate (employee portal), Matrix eTickets, etc.

In order for this system to identify you, your mobile phone number must be registered with the Personnel Office. Please note that after updating the Personnel Office, it will take 24 hours (overnight) for the update to take place. You will be able to use this system the day after you register your phone number.

Instructions to Password Reset (Scroll down for First Time Users or Existing Users Instructions)


Claim Your Account

1. If you are a first time user, you must click on Claim My Account. This process uses a security industry standard called’ “multi-factor identification” which will text you a code to verify your identity. You may recognize this procedure from your local bank, insurance company and other highly secure systems.

2. Enter your Hicksville Email Address or Windows Username and click Submit. The page will prompt you to confirm your “Preferred Reset Method” which will show the last four digits of the cell phone that you provided to the Personnel Office.

User Service Portal

3. You should now receive a text to your cell phone with a 7 digit code. Follow the prompt to continue the account claim process.
User Service Portal
4. Once you have received your code (which should take less than 30 seconds), enter it on the next screen.
User Service Portal
5. Now you can enter a new password. Please be sure to follow the requirements for passwords. They must be:
  • 8 characters long
  • Contain an uppercase letter
  • Contain an lowercase letter
  • Contain a number.
You may also use special characters including ! “ # $ % & .

If you are an existing user, you can reset your password by following the instructions below.
Click on "Need Help?" link and click Forgot Password.
Enter your Username, then click "Forgot Password" on the next screen.