Human Resources

 Human Resources

Andrea Pekar
Assistant Superintendent for Personnel
Phone: 516-733-2125

The Hicksville Public Schools Personnel Department support’s the Board of Education goals by providing services that promote a work environment that is characterized by fair treatment of staff, open communications, personal accountability, trust and mutual respect. We will seek and provide solutions to workplace issues that support and optimize the operating principles of the Hicksville Public Schools.  This department has a dedicated and caring staff of professionals working to maximize the potential of our greatest asset—our employees. We embrace change and the opportunity it brings. We are focused on delivering quality customer service and are committed to recruiting, developing, rewarding and retaining a global workforce.

Hicksville Board of Education Policy #9000


The Board of Education recognizes that the school district’s central goal – the education of children – is wholly dependent on the dedication and work provided by the school district’s employees. The Board seeks to develop and implement personnel policies that will allow and enhance the ability of staff to educate children.

The specific goals that will guide the Board as it develops personnel policies are:

1. to hire and retain the best, most diverse qualified staff available;

2. to ensure staff are evaluated in a rigorous and meaningful manner;

3. to grant tenure to staff who have performed at the highest level; and

4. to provide professional development and training to staff to improve their skills.

Although the Board is the employer of all staff in the district, the Board recognizes that the Taylor Law requires the district to negotiate in good faith with recognized or certified employee organizations over wages, hours, and all other terms and conditions of employment as defined by the Taylor Law or as interpreted by the Public Employment Relations Board. The school district will fully comply with the requirements of the Taylor Law.

All other employees in the district who are not represented by a recognized or certified employee organization will receive fair compensation and treatment for the work they provide.

In return for the compensation and benefits provided to district staff, the Board expects employees to render the quality of service that enables children to learn at the highest level possible and seek continuous improvement in the service they provide.

Cross-ref: 0100, Equal Opportunity