NYS School Funding Transparency Reports

New York State School Funding Transparency Reports

Education Law §3614 requires school districts to annually submit to the Commissioner of Education and the Director of the Budget a detailed statement of the total funding allocation for each school in the district for the upcoming school budget year in a form developed by the director in consultation with the commissioner. The New York State School Funding Transparency Form is the outcome of this process. In addition to submitting the form to New York State agencies, we are also required to post the form on the district website. The form seeks to capture school districts’ methodologies and/or rationales for school-level funding determinations, including funding from state, local, and federal sources. In addition, the form surveys school districts’ projected centralized district costs, school-level student and staff information, and school-level allocations for various programs.

2022-2023 NYS School Funding Transparency Report.pdf

2021-2022 NYS School Funding Transparency Report.pdf

2020-2021 NYS School Funding Transparency Report.pdf