World Languages

World Languages

Janet Suarez Lovett
World Languages, ENL & Bilingual Programs

 Students in the Middle School generally take FLEX in grade 6. The FLEX program provides an introduction to Latin, Spanish, Italian, French, Mandarin, and ASL. Students then choose a language for their course of study for grades 7-12. Students are presented with the basic fundamentals of the 7th grade curriculum in their study of a World Language. At the end of 8th grade, students will take the Checkpoint A Examination and will have the opportunity to earn one unit of credit in a Language Other Than English after the two year study of a World Language provided that they pass both the 8th grade course and the Checkpoint A Examination. We strongly encourage all students to complete a three-year sequence in their language of choice and to pass the New York State Checkpoint B Examination in High School.

Additional courses are available beyond Level III through our college program in conjunction with St. John's University. We offer college courses in French, Italian, and Spanish. We encourage students to take advantage of the opportunity to earn college credits and to challenge themselves.

We offer Spanish I and Italian I at the High School for students who either need to complete the one unit of credit in a Language Other than English or who wish to learn an additional language.

American Sign Language I and II electives are also offered to our High School students. American Sign Language I is open to students in grades 10-12. Students learn finger spelling, basic vocabulary, develop receptive and expressive skills, and learn about deaf culture. In American Sign Language II, students advance their receptive and expressive skills and increase their knowledge of deaf culture.